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MCA full form is Masters of Computer Application. The duration of the MCA program is for a period of 3 years for candidates belonging to different relevant streams. For BC students the duration of the MCA course will be 2 years. The MCA course is available in regular full-time, online, and Distance education mode.

The MCA program focuses on providing a sound theoretical background as well as good practical exposure to students in the relevant areas. It is intended to provide modern. industry-oriented education in applied computer science. It aims at producing trained professionals who can successfully meet the demands of the information technology industry.

Career Options after MCA Degree in India.

  • Software developer: Almost everything around us runs on software. This makes it essential to develop software required for various purposes.
  • Computer System Analyst: Organisations hire computer system analysts to monitor the health of computer systems, detect the possibility of snags and also provide viable solutions.
  • Software Consultants: Since software development is a key responsibility of software consultants, there is a sudden rise in demand for these professionals in India and abroad. In some cases, they are required to prepare customized software solutions too.
  • Hardware engineers: They play a very important role in any IT firm as they provide hardware support to the rest of the departments. This is one of the advantages of doing MCA that while it equips you with the knowledge to develop and manage software, it also provides you with all the technical expertise to support hardware systems.
  • Web developers: This is an emerging role in the IT domain. Web developers are responsible for creating codes and supporting several key processes. They need to constantly upgrade and maintain the backend processes.
  • Academicians: The field of education is going through a major churn, and educational institutions now aspire to train students with basic software skills. Children are now encouraged to take up coding classes as it has been projected to play an important role in various sectors.